There's no fixed timeline for each child's orthodontic needs. However, the age of 11-13, when the baby teeth have fallen off and the permanent ones have erupted, is the perfect time to correct the issues that lead to an unbalanced bite (malocclusion) or inadequate spacing between teeth.

    Benefits of Getting Braces as a Teenager

    Braces are recommended for treating various dental issues such as overcrowded teeth, overbites, or underbites. Although you can get braces at any time, there are some advantages to choosing treatment as a teen.

    Until the permanent teeth are in place, orthodontic appliances aren't usually utilized for treatment. When the child is between 12 and 14 years old, they will have lost all their baby teeth and have their permanent molars. Their jaw, however, will continue to develop, making it easier to move their teeth in their ideal positions. 

    Adolescence is the best time to get braces. If you don’t get braces early enough, you may require more orthodontic treatment as you get older. 

    Braces enhance your smile's appearance, help correct the alignment of your jaw, and avoid the need for corrective dental procedures later on. 

    The teenage years can be difficult, particularly with the pressure to appear flawless. Having a gorgeous smile can boost confidence for an anxious teenager and will enhance oral health for years to come.

    Orthodontic Treatment as a Teenager

    Length of Treatment

    The usual length of treatment ranges between 18 and 30 months. Depending on how extensive the treatment is, it may take longer.

    Process of Getting Braces

    Our orthodontist will develop a detailed plan that will outline how long you will require braces and post-treatment care. We also provide Invisalign for teens with specific orthodontic problems.

    For braces, the orthodontist will clean the teenager's teeth, and then attach the brackets using bonding glue. Wires will be placed to connect the brackets and held in place by rubber bands. The patient will have to visit the orthodontist for check-ups and braces adjustment. 

    After Removing the Braces

    After taking the braces off, the orthodontist will then fit the teen with retainers to prevent their teeth from shifting back. The time the patient will wear retainers can range from a few months to several years.

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