Sedation Dentistry

    If the thought of going to a dentist for any dental procedure makes you tense and fearful, you are not alone. Many people are skeptical about their dental visits because of one reason – the pain that they may have to bear during the procedure. The introduction of sedation dentistry has made it possible to relieve you from such pain. As a result, visits to the dentist are not painful anymore. 

    What Is Sedation Dentistry? 

    Sedation dentistry makes use of medication to help you relax throughout your dental procedure. The patients are given sedatives to relieve them from the sensation of pain or anxiousness. They are usually awake, except the ones who are given general anesthesia.

    Who Can Opt for Sedation Dentistry? 

    Sedation is most suitable for patients who experience real anxiety and fear during dental visits, which may keep them from visiting our clinic for the necessary procedures. You may also opt for sedation dentistry if you cannot bear a lot of pain or cannot sit still in the dentist's chair. 

    Our dentists also recommend this approach to patients with bad gag reflex, sensitive teeth, or who require a large amount of dental work as a part of their treatment. Sometimes, children, too, are given sedation, however a very small percentage. 

    What Are the Different Types of Sedation? 

    Sleep Sedation 

    Sleep sedation is recommended when counseling and explaining the procedure don't relieve your nerves. Our dentist may recommend it if you are fearful about your procedure. They will give you prescription sleeping pills to make you feel relaxed within 15-20 minutes of taking them. It makes you sedated, but you are still conscious. You may need someone to drive you home after the procedure. 

    IV Sedation 

    This type of sedation is given only to highly fearful patients. IV sedation will be administered to you by an anesthesia specialist while our dentist provides you with the required dental care. You may have to pay the additional cost to the anesthesia specialist if you opt for this type of sedation dentistry. 

    Nitrous Oxide Sedation 

    Nitrous oxide sedation is reserved for patients who want to be under sedation without experiencing the after-effects. For this type of sedation, nitrous oxide is administered through a mask during your dental procedure to increase your pain threshold and decrease your fear. 

    After the procedure, our dentist will administer oxygen for five minutes so that you return to normal. This type of sedation is safe and reliable.

    Please reach out to our dental practice in Flanders, NJ, to schedule a consultation with one of our dentists and learn more about sedation dentistry. You can contact our dentist in Flanders, NJ, at (973) 370-8917 or schedule your consultation online.


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