One-Visit Root Canals

    Root canal treatment is an endodontic procedure performed when your tooth decay reaches the innermost layer of the tooth (pulp). It causes a lot of pain, inflammation, and discomfort. You must save the damaged tooth from extraction by visiting our dental clinic and consulting with our specialist. We perform a one-visit root canal to address your concern.

    Why Do You Need Root Canal Treatment?

    Extraction of teeth is one of the most painful procedures that you may experience. Root canal treatment at the right time saves you from bearing such pain. It helps to remove your inflamed or infected tooth material. The procedure also cleans and disinfects the decayed area so that no chances of reinfection occur.

    If the root canal is not performed on time, the decay, apart from reaching the pulp, also reaches the gum. It leads to severe gum diseases. Root canal treatment is done on damaged teeth, infected, cracked, or broken teeth, deep decay in teeth, and also on the teeth that have experienced repeated dental procedures.

    What are the Benefits of Same-Day Root Canal?

    • You can visit our clinic for same-day root canal treatment to save both your time and energy. The procedure is performed by our expert and doesn’t take a lot of time.
    • Same-day root canal stops the infection from spreading and also relieves the pain and discomfort caused due to inflammation.

    How is Same-Day Root Canal Performed?

    The procedure of a same-day root canal is the same as a conventional root canal. We will take your X-ray to find out the severity of the infection. Before starting the procedure, we will administer local anesthesia to relax you. A cavity is prepared to ensure that all the previous filling material and infections are removed. After this, we will disinfect the area and also shape up the pulp canals.

    We will seal the cleaned and disinfected areas and fill them with a rubber-like filling known as Gutta-Percha. The last step involves the preparation of crowns. We use same-day crowns to end the procedure in a single sitting only.

    What is the After-Care of the Procedure?

    • Do not press the site of the procedure or put pressure on your teeth.
    • Take care with the meals that you eat on the same day of the treatment. Do not eat hard foods.
    • Brush your teeth softly, especially in the area of the treatment.
    • You can manage the swelling with the help of an ice pack.

    Please reach out to our dental practice in Flanders, NJ, to have a consultation with our dentists. Please call us at (973) 370-8917 or schedule an online consultation, and we'll guide you further.


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