General Dentistry

The general dentistry services that we provide intend to keep a check on your dental health. After performing a dental check-up or examination and finding any concern, we may recommend a suitable treatment option.

Emergency Treatment

We treat different kinds of dental emergencies and urgent oral health issues ranging from toothaches, chipped teeth, fractured teeth to abscesses, loose or broken fillings, wisdom teeth, dislodged dental crowns, oral pain, suspicious bumps and spots, and others.

Tooth Extraction

You may want to get your tooth extracted because of many reasons – injury, tooth decay, wisdom, or impacted tooth, to name a few. We perform tooth extraction by taking extra precautions so that you don’t feel a lot of pain and get rid of the decayed tooth.


Bruxism is a common dental problem, and wearing a nightguard while sleeping may help you manage the same. When you visit our clinic, we recommend the best-suited nightguard that fits your mouth comfortably.

Oral Examinations

You may visit our dental clinic from time to time so that we may carry out regular dental check-ups and oral examinations to find any concern and then treat it at the right time. Our oral examinations are dedicated to people of all ages.

Pediatric Dentistry

Your kids, too, need dental care and attention. Our pediatric dentistry services include all the dental treatment options for the little ones, such as fluoride treatment, tooth extraction, professional teeth cleaning, and others.

Periodontal Treatment

Periodontal or gum diseases take a toll on your overall dental health. If not treated on time, it may decay your gums first and teeth later. Visit us for the services like scaling, root planing, and even gum surgery if the gum disease has advanced.

Preventive Program

Our preventive program includes guiding people of all ages to maintain their oral health. We will teach you about brushing, flossing, and rinsing your teeth. We will also discuss other oral health concerns and how to maintain your dental health in the long run.

Root Canal

We use modern dental instruments and advanced techniques to carry out a non-surgical root canal procedure to address tooth decay. While some of them may be completed in a single visit, others may require 2-3 visits.

Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is dedicated to all those who feel fearful and anxious about dental treatments. We ensure using minimal-invasive approaches and also giving you dental sedation to ease your fears and apprehensions.

Sports Mouthguard

Sports injuries are common and also carry the risk of damaging your lips, teeth, cheeks, tongue, jaw, and face. We suggest wearing a sports mouthguard to all sportsmen and athletes to protect their mouths while indulging in sports. Different types of dental mouthguards are available for use.

TMJ Disorder

Just like bruxism, the treatment of this disorder may include oral appliances like nightguards that you must wear overnight. Another treatment option that we may recommend is stabilizing your splint to reduce the strain caused on your joints.

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