The earlier you bring your child in to see our orthodontist, the more beneficial it will be for them in the long run. Early orthodontic visits allow us to discover potential developmental issues your child could be facing and help address them immediately rather than waiting until they are teens. 

    The Right Age for an Initial Orthodontic Visit 

    The best time to have an initial orthodontic checkup for children is around the age of seven. If your children are age eight, nine, or more and you have missed the early appointment, no need to worry. You will still be able to make an appointment for them now and determine whether any developmental issues require orthodontic intervention.

    Signs Parents Need to Look Out For

    There are some indicators parents should be aware of that suggest they should bring their children to an orthodontist for a dental assessment. They include:

    • Early loss (before age five) of baby teeth
    • Speech impediments
    • The thumb-sucking or the use of pacifiers after the age of three
    • Children frequently snore when they are asleep
    • Children breathe through their mouths more often than their noses
    • Children are prone to an overbite or an underbite where the lower and upper teeth don't meet, and the lips are not closed easily
    • Overcrowded teeth
    • Large gaps or spaces between permanent teeth
    • Permanent teeth grow unnaturally
    • Jawbones "pop" as the child chews, bites, or speaks
    • Issues while chewing and biting
    • The child bites the insides of their cheeks often

    Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment for Children

    There are many benefits your child could get from early orthodontic treatment. The earlier you address their issues, the better the chances of stopping the condition from getting worse and preventing further problems from arising as they grow. 

    Other advantages of early treatment are:

    • Helps children with developmental and appearance concerns
    • Tracks jaw growth and aid in its proper development
    • Fixes gaps between permanent teeth
    • Improved speech patterns and the ability to talk clearly 
    • Reduces the risk of permanent teeth not growing straight
    • Reduces the risk of requiring extraction for permanent teeth in the future
    • Helps to keep teeth from shifting or becoming unbalanced
    • Fixes current issues like overcrowded and crooked teeth
    • Makes eating various kinds of foods easier
    • Assists your child in adjusting to wearing braces when they are ready for this aspect of their treatment

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