Do you have damaged, discolored, or chipped teeth? If you do, you already know these issues can affect the appearance of your smile and also steal your confidence. To address the problem, you can visit our clinic. One of the solutions we can recommend you opt for is dental veneers.

    What Are Dental Veneers?

    Dental veneers are wafer-thin tooth-colored shells that we design to mask the surface of your chipped teeth. They are also recommended in case of badly stained teeth. We bond them to your teeth to change their shape, size, color, and even length. This cosmetic dental procedure is a less invasive and affordable way to improve your smile.

    Veneers are customized as per the shape and size of your teeth, thus resting comfortably on them. They give a natural appearance to your smile, and your gum tissues can tolerate them comfortably. Another plus point is that dental veneers are resistant to staining. If taken care of and maintained properly, they can last for 10-12 years.

    Veneers can be made from porcelain or composite resin. The former gives a more natural appearance than the latter.

    How Are Veneers Applied?

    The complete procedure for veneers typically requires three dental visits.

    • The first visit is an initial consultation with our dentist, where we will discuss your goals and requirements and what type of veneers you want for the treatment. We will also examine your mouth, and if necessary, we will take X-rays of your teeth. 
    • The second visit involves the preparation and development of the veneers. To allow the veneers to fit comfortably on your teeth, we will trim the enamel. This step makes room for the veneers to be applied. We may administer a local anesthetic before working on your teeth. We will also take an impression of your teeth and send it to the dental lab to prepare your customized veneers for you. 
    • The final visit is all about applying the veneers and bonding them to your teeth. We will bond the veneers to your teeth and then adjust them. Their color will be customized to match the natural appearance of your teeth. During this visit, your teeth will be cleaned, polished, and roughened so that the veneers stick permanently to them. After positioning the veneers, we will apply a special light to activate the chemicals in the adhesive.

    Please reach out to our dental practice in Flanders, NJ, to schedule a consultation with one of our dentists and learn more about veneers. You can contact our dentist in Flanders, NJ, at (973) 370-8917 or schedule your consultation online.


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