Oral Cancer Screening

    When you visit our clinic for a dental check-up, we include oral cancer screening as part of that check-up. Apart from a routine dental examination, we may also perform additional tests to identify and diagnose any issues.

    Our dentists perform oral cancer screenings to identify signs of cancer or precancerous conditions in your mouth. The goal of these regular screenings is to identify oral cancer at an early stage so that it can be treated on time.

    What Causes Oral Cancer?

    Oral cancer can be caused by many reasons. Some of the most common factors that make you prone to developing the disease include excessive use of tobacco in cigarettes, pipes, chewing raw tobacco, heavy use of alcohol, history of sun exposure, and others. Today, oral cancer is also associated with the sexually transmitted infection caused by the human papillomavirus or HPV.

    What Happens During an Oral Cancer Screening?

    Visual Examination

    We will carry out a visual examination to check for any abnormalities inside your mouth. If you wear dentures or other dental appliances, we will ask you to remove them before performing the visual screening. 

    We will check for swellings, bumps, asymmetries, ulcerations, patches of colors, and other abnormalities in your mouth. We will also examine your lips, face, jaw, neck, cheeks, oral cavity, and the inside of your nose.

    Physical Examination

    Apart from a visual examination, we may also perform a physical examination by touching your mouth, neck, and face to find unusual masses or nodules. A tactile inspection through physical examination helps us identify issues like hard lumps under your skin.

    What Are Oral Cancer Screening Devices?

    The physical and visual examinations we perform include the use of specialized examination tools to help us carry out the screening properly. We may use an oral brush biopsy to painlessly remove cells and send them for testing. A fluorescent light is used to find the presence of suspicious oral tissues in your mouth. 

    What Happens After an Oral Cancer Screening?

    If we find nothing abnormal during your oral examination, it’s good news. But if we detect something doubtful, we may recommend further tests. After diagnosing the problem, we will recommend an appointment with the oncologist to start treatment at the earliest.

    Please reach out to our dental practice in Flanders, NJ, to schedule a consultation with one of our dentists and learn more about oral cancer screenings. You can contact our dentist in Flanders, NJ, at (973) 370-8917 or schedule your consultation online.


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